Off Kilter Library / Blessing Box / Little Pantry / Neighborhood Library

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This library comes completely assembled. It measures 20"x12"x17". I make these our of Pine/aspen, the roof is made of 5/8" exterior grade Canadian Plywood. Instructions on how to mount it on a post are included. No need for brackets or special hardware. The roof is not completely flat. I do make sure there's a slight pitch on it so water won't puddle.

Lexan is acrylic and much better quality than Plexiglas for this application. Instead of clipping it to the back of the door I cut a groove into the door frame and insert the window adding sturdiness to the door.

For those who aren't sure what these decorate them and mount them outside of your home/cottage/RV, fill it with used books. People come along, take a book and leave one in return.

Or you and your neighbours can use it as a pantry. Fill it with dry goods (food, diapers, towels, etc) to help others out in need.